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  1. Hamm.C

    Arma 3: I&A Tactical Realism 2 Feedback Thread

    First of all I would thank our 7Cav Devs for doing great work for the Cav. We really appreciate all you do. Second, I echo 95% of everything from the others, certainly the obvious glitches that need to be fixed. We all know anything new is a work-in-progress and constructive feedback is welcome...
  2. Hamm.C

    Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 Feedback Thread

    So last night, Task Force Canada mod was updated and pretty much ruined our nights. Pretty sure attempts on the server side were made to fix it, but don't see that they solved the issue. After several hours of trying to work with other players to get it fixed, we kept getting error messages. I...
  3. Hamm.C

    Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 Feedback Thread

    Last night, when flying air transport, I had to initiate an emergency landing due to damage to my helicopter. As per protocol, I declared emergency/Mayday and runway was cleared. After a successful emergency landing I got out to repair the bird, but was unable to. I was equipped with a tool kit...
  4. Hamm.C

    Announcement ARMA Aviation and You!

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  5. Hamm.C

    Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 Feedback Thread

    Full vehicle/aircraft repairs in the field by the pilot without Atlas? This seems to be the case in Tac 2 now. I am a pilot with a tool kit, not an aircraft mechanic. For realism's sake, I don't think pilots (or CCs) should be enabled to perform full 100% complete repairs on my or their...
  6. Hamm.C

    Every day is a school day.

    Every day is a school day.
  7. Hamm.C

    Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 Feedback Thread

    Yes the helicopter had FRIES... just didn't work since we didn't have ropes. When I took loads and manually put them in the inventory it did work. It was just a bummer that we got all the way to the LZ insertion point before realizing that we didn't have any ropes on the bird
  8. Hamm.C

    Arma 3 Tactical Realism 2 Feedback Thread

    It would be very nice if Ropes were a standard part of Blackhawk's inventory. And I'm pretty sure it used to be. Several times now, I have been approaching LZ and needed to Fast Rope troopers in (due to terrain), however we didn't have ropes, therefore couldn't do it. Presently Blackhawk has 10+...