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I've been playing PC games for far too long.

I used to be part of an old organization/tournament for the battlefield franchise like Battlefield: 1942. 7CAV feels very similar in structure and operations and even the people as I'm assuming 7CAV has a lot of old vets as well, except, 21CW had two divisions that fought against each other every saturday for 12 hours given 21CW (21st century warfare) had well over 400 active members.

At my peak of 21CW I was a Lieutenant for my divisional company and I was also one of the few divisional armor company tank commander/instructor for operating and using the tanks and wrote several extensive guides and posts over several campaigns as battlefield went from Battlefield1942 to battlefield vietnam to BFBC2, etc. This was also nearly a decade and a half ago as I was just 17 years old and am pushing 30 years old now.

I also play a lot of VR games, especially a lot of flying and driving simulators with VR like American truck simulator, Dirt 2.0, Assetto Corso, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, VTOLVR and WarThunder.
Apr 4, 1990 (Age: 30)
Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


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