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    [Re-Enlistment] Luckstone.Jameson - Reserve | COMPLETED

    Posted. Welcome back!
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    [Re-Enlistment] onyschuk.devyn - Reserve | COMPLETED

    Application is seen. Trooper was discharged for being AWOL - hadn't registered on the new forums before the discharge. Under review by ROO Staff.
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    Processed as Re-Enlistment - https://7cav.us/threads/1950/ Thread updated as reference.
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    Enlistment - Grills.Andrew - ARMA - S1 Completed

    There is no information available about the former account of the Trooper. And now way to retrieve any old details. After contacting him, he is aware that he has to enlist as a new Trooper. This is no longer a re-enlistment and has to be treated as a normal enlistment. Grey.R Mackey.A Please...