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Public Operation Sandy Bridge

7th Cavalry Regiment ArmA 3 Tactical Realism 2 Server.

IP :
PORT : 2322

Teamspeak 3 Server : ts3.7cav.us
Password : 7thCavalry

Required addons : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=844580504


Saturday, October 21st at 2200 ZULU

A clock showing ZULU time can be found here : https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc



Rebels have seized a major refinery on the Chad-Sudan border.


A 7th Cavalry Regiment battlegroup is deployed to retake the Shapur refinery.


Battlegroup centered on infantry squads using MRAP-type vehicles with mortar and combat engineer support.


Irregulars consisting of infantry supported by heavy weapons on static mounts and mounted on light vehicles. Possible mortars in support.
(Public) Operation: Road Runner
Sunday 23JUL17
@1900 Zulu

AO: Nam

Situation: The allied South Vietnamese firebase of Dan Lac has recently come under siege from local VC forces in the past week and the troops there are desperately in need of supplies. So far attempts to resupply the airbase via helicopter and airdrop have failed due to an unexpected presence of VC anti air systems in the area and as a result the situation at Dan Lac Firebase is now critical.

Mission: The objective of Operation Road Runner is twofold: to clear Route 13 of any obstacles or enemies in order to resupply the firebase as well as to recover the downed pilots from the airdrop attempt. Units will deploy from Camp Arthur and utilize available M-113's to advance along and clear Route 13 while escorting friendly supply vehicles to Dan Lac Firebase in order to relieve the besieged South Vietnamese. Units will also search for and recover the downed aircrew if possible along the way however resupplying Dan Lac remains the primary objective. Once at Dan Lac units will assist the South Vietnamese in repelling any further VC attacks to ensure the firebase does not fall into enemy hands.

Infantry: 30
Air: 40
Command: 50

INTSUM: Reports suggest that Route 13 remains clear of Vietcong up to Outpost Kurtz however Route 13 past Outpost Kurtz is believed to contain multiple ambush sites as well as mines and other improvised explosives set up by the VC. Reports indicate that some wealthy South Vietnamese citizens living along Route 13 have hired mercenaries to guard their compounds and farms from VC attack, however they are considered neutral and should not interfere with our operations in any way. It is also believed the VC have a sizable camp set up in the area with an AAA battery from which they have been launching their attacks on Dan Lac, however its location is currently unknown. Dan Lac itself is normally defended by about a platoon of South Vietnamese rangers, however it is to be assumed many of those troops are no longer combat effective.

UnSung (Delta Version - make sure to get patch - Use torrent for speed)

ACV Steam Collection:

Testing Of Your Mod Setup:
If you can join the public server listed below then you are ready for the op:
=7Cav=Official Air Cav Vietnam:

Cav Members Signup:

Submitted by - Marcello.N
PUBLIC Campaign Ocean's Fury - Operation Hammerhead
Saturday 24 June 17 @ 1800 ZULU

AO : Southern Sahrani

The Russian Federation has taken control of the southern part of Sahrani in a campaign to take over islands in the west Pacific. Sahrani being an allied nation to the USA has asked for help with dealing with these invaders in exchange for many of the countries natural resources and the ability to build a base there that could potentially stop future hostilities against the small island nation in the future.

The US has agreed to take this proposition, and are deploying from the Carrier USS Freedom with a beach assault with the intent of gaining a beachhead and taking the 5 southern towns surrounding the oilfields of Southern Sahrani.
@1900Z ( 3:00 P M, EST )
AO : Nam 2

Server Name: =7Cav=Official Air Cav Vietnam
Server IP:
Port: 2302

Mission: Type of Combat Mission: Seek and Destroy

7th Cavalry units are ordered to coastal lowlands in Binh Dinh Province to clear NVA and VC forces from the area.

General Notes: 7th Cavalry will be air lifted into the area to seek out the enemy.

Historical Notes of Actual Operation:

In February 1967, the 1st Cavalry Division launched Operation Pershing, what would become an eleven month campaign to clear much of the Binh Dinh Province of NVA and Viet Cong activity. All three of the division’s regiments were committed to this fight, including the 7th Cav, General Armstrong Custer’s old command. During the next year, Operation Pershing triggered eighteen major engagements and countless skirmishes as the troopers of the 1st Cav struggled to clear tunnel and cave complexes on the Bong Son Plain and its environs.

Operation Lonesome Highway:
14JAN17 at 1600z
You must know how to use your aircraft

Modpack required:
Best if used with JSGME or other GME software

Over the past several months tensions have increased between Turkey and Russia. After the murder of a Russian diplomat, and Russia claiming there is evidence of Turkish involvement in the crash of a Russian transport that claimed the lives of the Red Army Choir. Last week Turkey shot down another Russian fighter it claimed had crossed into its border with Syria. Russia retaliated with a missile strike against the Turkish SAM site. Along the border with Syria Turkish and Russian troops have been seen engaging in open combat.

96 hours ago, Russia declared war on Turkey prompting a full NATO response. Russia’s first avenue of attack was from Syria along Turkey’s southern border, as well as naval actions along Turkey’s Black Sea coast. Russia, wanting a land resupply route to open a second front in the north as well, overnight seized nearly the entire west coast of Georgia from Zugdidi to Batumi. They have total control of the city of Zugdidi, Poti, Senaki and it’s air base, and Batumi. Russia has already established an S300 battery in the city center of Zugdidi.

Mission Briefing
Join the Battlefield Starter Platoon in our first operation
- Kaiserschlacht -

"The defeat of Russia in the east allowed Germany to concentrate its forces for one massive assault on the British sectors. The initial "hurricane" bombardment was heard from as far away as London. General Ludendorff then ordered his storm troopers to attack the enemy trench lines."

The 7th Cavalry Battlefield 1 Starter Platoon welcomes all to join us on TeamSpeak 3 in the BF1 channels and form a party to join a operations map together.

When ?
Saturday 03-DEC-2016 2200 ZULU (1600 EST, 1500 CST)

What do I need ?
A working headset or headphones and microphone for best communication
Teamspeak info ts3.7cav.us:9987 password > 7thCavalry (case-sensitive)
Please note that you have to upgrade your security level to at least 30 to join.
You can download teamspeak here (it is free):

Kaiserschlacht features the probably best BF1 trench warfare map which guarantees to blow you away (quite literally). The gameplay gives you an exceptional complete immersion into the First World War infantry, tank and airplane fighting.

Historical background:
The Kaiserschlacht (German: Kaiser's Battle) follows Operation Michael of the German's 1918 Spring Offensive. Imperial German Army forces attack the British defenses at the St Quentin Scar and the French city of Amiens, possessing 3 Battalions of reinforcements to complete the Operation.

Operations is a new game mode introduced in Battlefield 1. The objective is for the attacking team to push the frontline forward until they conquer the map while the defenders must hold each sector while they still have reinforcements. Operations is played as a succession of maps, from 9 sectors on 2 maps ( like in Kaiserschlacht) and up to 13 sectors on 3 maps.

Visit our reddit page and leave comments if you wish: https://www.reddit.com/r/BattlefieldLFG/comments/58yurk/7th_cavalry_gaming_regiment_looking_for_you/

Join our Battlefield 1 Group and help us reach the first page! https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/group/104-7th-cavalry-gaming-regiment

Join the 7th Cav Gaming regiment !

Any questions about the 7th Cavalry itself or enlisting to become a member for Battlefield 1 can be directed to CPL Markel.Z using the contact information below.

Contact Info:

E-Mail: markel.z@7cav.us
Origin: -7Cav-MarkelZ
Steam: =7Cav=CPL.Markel.Z

*posted on behalf of SSG.Binder, SL SP 1-7