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TeamSpeak 3 has moved to the following address:

Please use as the address, that way in the future if we change addresses again you'll not have to manually change the one you use.


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7Cav's Air Cav Vietnam Public server is now updated with Unsung Vietnam War Mod. This mod is now on steam and as easy as click subscribe and join Public server.

Server Name: =7Cav=Official Air Cav Vietnam
Server IP:
Port: 2302

If you haven't yet , Join the (ACV) Air Cav Vietnam Steam Group where all Events are Posted
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Air Cav Vietnam:
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Tactical Realism 1:
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IP :
PORT : 2322
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The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment is happy to announce our first major mod update to the Tactical Realism 2 public server.

This is a modded server aimed at offering an unparalleled MILSIM experience. Fight alongside 7th Cavalry members using real-life weapons and across a variety of maps, from the deserts of Takistan, to the jungles of Tanoa and everything in between, completing a variety of objectives against a determined enemy in a war saga with no equal.

See you in the field!