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What is Stack-Up.Org?

Stack-Up is a charity founded by a veteran of the U.S. Army, Stephen Machuga. It initially started by sending video games and gaming equipment overseas to service men and women deployed. Their motto is 'Veterans are Our Mission. Gaming is Our Passion.' One of their core beliefs is that video gaming can have a positive impact on mental health. They now have four main program areas.

*Stats as of 2018*
Supply Crate Program

Serving members can register to become eligible for a Supply Crate for their unit deployed. Instead of receiving second-hand romance novels, your unit could be un-crating a care package full of video gaming and nerd goodness. They also send packages to hospitals and VA centers.


Air Assault Program

Stack-Up hand picks deserving serving members and veterans and pays for them to attend video game and geek culture events such as E3, PAX, ComiCon and a host of others around the U.S. People can nominate serving members or veterans for the program.



The StOP Initiative


The StOP Squad is trained and certified specifically to assist in...




Basic Ground School
Class Date: 03NOV19

Sergeant Lorenzo Bonder
Private Joseph Day



Warrant Officer 1 Michael Lucius
Corporal David Walsh
Specialist Miguel Ramirez

Congratulations all!​

To all who shall see these presents greeting...

Know ye that reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity and abilities of

Captain Justin Robbi - Eligible for MAJ 27DEC20

I do appoint him a Captain in the 7th Cavalry Regiment to rank as such from this 16th Day of September 2019. This officer will therefore carefully and diligently discharge the duties of the office to which appointed by doing and performing all manner of things therein to belonging.I do strictly charge and require those officers and others personnel of lesser rank to render such obedience as it is due an officer of his grade and position. This officer is to observe and follow such orders and directions from time to time as may be given by the Commander of the 7th Cavalry Regiment or other superior officers acting in accordance with the rules and regulations of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment.This commission is to continue in force during the pleasure of the Commanding Officer of the 7th Cavalry Regiment under the provisions of those Regulations relating to officers of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment and the component thereof in which this appointment is made.

Given under my hand on this the 16th Day of September, In the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Nineteen.



To all who shall see these presents greeting...

Know ye that reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity and abilities of

Captain Nate Thumper

I do appoint him a Captain in the 7th Cavalry Regiment to rank as...​

Effective Immediately,

First Lieutenant Mike LaCombe is hereby assigned:

Commanding Officer
Bravo Troop
1st Battalion

Second Lieutenant Adam Waldie is hereby assigned:

Executive Officer
Bravo Troop
1st Battalion

Congratulations, gentlemen!

@LaCombe.M @Waldie.A @Ryan.B @Walsh.D


CPT Rip Tharen,
Executive Officer 1-7
@Walsh.D is assigned Battalion Commander 1-7
@Tharen.R is assigned Battalion XO 1-7
[h=1]Training Courses Available in the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment[/h]​
The following is a list of courses taught regularly for all the games supported by the 7th Cavalry Regiment as of 02SEP19.

[h=3]All Games:[/h]

Basic Combat Training (Boot Camp) [BCT]
Basic Combat Training, also known as Boot Camp, is a part of the 7th Cavalry enlistment process. It is designed to give Enlistee's (now known as Recruits) their first experience with the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment. It is conducted by Drill Instructors of the 7th Cavalry Recruit Training Command. To get started, enlist today!

Upon completion of this course you will:
  • Understand the duties & responsibilities of being a member of the 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment
  • Receive a Marksmanship Qualification (for Arma 3)
  • Be able to join 7th Cavalry Official Operations
  • Completion of Boot Camp is a MANDATORY step!
Failure to complete Basic Combat Training in a timely manner will result in a discharge.
Server Administration Course [SAC]
The Server Administration Course teaches the correct way to administrate our 7th Cavalry gaming servers and other official assets. This class is open not only to current admins, but also anyone who plans on being a server admin in the future. The course takes about 90 minutes.

Student Prerequisites:

  • Minimum rank of Specialist; PFC allowed as long you hold a SL position
  • Reservists do not need to meet minimum rank; only secondary billets warrant a MILPACS entry
  • No active negative action...