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The third season will begin, albeit in a slightly different format beginning July 29th, still bi-weekly.

The Command Staff have come to the consensus that we will be opting into Arma 3's upcoming DLC, Apex.

We will be setting up a public server specifically for Apex at the official launch, with the aim to migrate Tac 1 to Apex within 1 - 2 weeks. This will of course depend on server resources, but IMO will look into this and update you as needed.

As such, we will be amending the enlistment application to require the Apex DLC (much like we did with Operation Arrowhead in Arma 2). For current members, anyone wishing to stay in 1st Battalion's Arma 3 area of operation will need to procure the Apex content. For those who are unable to afford a copy for whatever reason, Colonel @Grgich.A is looking into options and will make a further announcement with details in the very near future.

Thank you,