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7th Cavalry Gaming

Tactical Gaming Excellence

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new home. This site is the result of of a combined effort to make everyone's life easier.

Back in June, IPB4 was being released and I thought it would be a good idea for us to adapt it as soon as possible. Our old site had started looking dated. My original intention was to switch over to IPB4 and commission a professional designer to build us a skin for the ground up.

However it wouldn't ever be that simple. The first thing I encountered when I cloned our site and upgraded to 4 was MILPACS. The new content management system in IPB4 completely ruined the way that MILPACS and all of our other custom pages functioned. There was literally no possible way to port MILPACS over without doing a complete re-write. At that point we decided that we were going to have to expand our plans a bit if we ever wanted to switch. We couldn't simply stay on the same version of IPB forever, as eventually support would be dropped and security flaws wouldn't get patched.

7 Months later, thanks to the combined effort of many dedicated people. We're approaching our launch date and I am incredibly excited to see us do so. The next few weeks will be interesting, but once we get moved over a lot of people will have to do less redundant work thanks to the new MILPACS system. Please bear with us as we sort out any final kinks on the site.

A huge thank you goes out to S1 for their hard work and dedication in getting MILPACS moved over.
I'd also like to thank the rest of the command team for their support, as well as anyone else who has put work into this site. We're almost done.