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The 7th Cavalry Gaming Regiment is happy to announce our first major mod update to the Tactical Realism 2 public server.

This is a modded server aimed at offering an unparalleled MILSIM experience. Fight alongside 7th Cavalry members using real-life weapons and across a variety of maps, from the deserts of Takistan, to the jungles of Tanoa and everything in between, completing a variety of objectives against a determined enemy in a war saga with no equal.

See you in the field!
Operation Lonesome Highway:
14JAN17 at 1600z
You must know how to use your aircraft

Modpack required:
Best if used with JSGME or other GME software

Over the past several months tensions have increased between Turkey and Russia. After the murder of a Russian diplomat, and Russia claiming there is evidence of Turkish involvement in the crash of a Russian transport that claimed the lives of the Red Army Choir. Last week Turkey shot down another Russian fighter it claimed had crossed into its border with Syria. Russia retaliated with a missile strike against the Turkish SAM site. Along the border with Syria Turkish and Russian troops have been seen engaging in open combat.

96 hours ago, Russia declared war on Turkey prompting a full NATO response. Russia’s first avenue of attack was from Syria along Turkey’s southern border, as well as naval actions along Turkey’s Black Sea coast. Russia, wanting a land resupply route to open a second front in the north as well, overnight seized nearly the entire west coast of Georgia from Zugdidi to Batumi. They have total control of the city of Zugdidi, Poti, Senaki and it’s air base, and Batumi. Russia has already established an S300 battery in the city center of Zugdidi.

Mission Briefing