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Who Dares Wins is an Arma 3 campaign created by members of the 7th Cavalry Regiment as a side project, it focuses on the activities of Knight 1 & Knight 2. A fictional SAS Regiment, tasked on missions around the world to prevent the development of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Play as one of 16 SAS troopers, as Knight Platoon travel from the Mediterranean to the Middle east chasing corrupt national separatists and rogue private military organisations in this high octane stealth action campaign.

Join the persistent universe, the outcome of each mission has an impact on the environment, enemy and friendly unit strength and civilian co-operation. Each mission's outcome contributing to a fast expanding storyline.

Assist or join as the Royal Marine Commandos, US Marines, or US Army in up to 2 partner campaigns directly entwined with the persistent universe. Co-ordinate forces to capture Arms Dealers, stomp ammo caches and hold back insurgent forces.

Skilled MCC & Zeus controllers generate dynamic scenario's both pre-planned and on the Fly, Role Players fill in scripted parts for civilian, BLUFOR and OPFOR factions.

The WDW Pack along with many other sound mods create an ambient immersion environment, hear the morning call to prayer, civilians buying food in markets and cars passing by whilst on patrol.


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7th Cavalry goes WorldWar II !!
We provide now one of our servers with this popular mod and invite all public players to join us and enjoy the epic battles on the WWII maps with WWII weapons.
Right now we have 3 maps in the rotation, Dog Red, Bastogne and Bastogne Night.

If you or your clan are interested in playing a scrim on these maps with us please contact us !

Please download the mod by subscribing to the mod in the Steam workshop:


Subscribe to DOI maps:
Dog Red:
Bastogne Night:

Known Issues:
- "Host_error: Recursively entered" - ensure you have the maps linked above. Restart Steam.

posted on behalf of 1LT.Rogers and SSG.Binder
1SG.Volkerson, S5 Staff Lead